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First, Costco buys products in bulk.

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Most grocery items, including fruit, come in large containers and must be purchased as is. Products in the frozen section are generally found in large quantities in big boxes.

This makes Costco especially appealing to large families, schools and businesses. Costco also saves money by not needing to break up these products to repackage individually. The store does have a limited quantity of single-use products that are packaged individually, however. Other products, such as clothes, are placed on tables instead of hanging on a rack, eliminating the need to purchase hangers. The store also keeps prices low by maintaining an affordable warehouse atmosphere instead of a glitzy retail store. While Costco employees wander around the store frequently, they do not engage customers unless asked.

Most employees stick to keeping the warehouse operations running smoothly. Typically, Costco houses only one variety or brand of any given product. Many products in the store are labeled under Costco's own brand, Kirkland Signature.

Costco also saves by not offering any bags for customers to use when checking out. Instead, Costco employees pack purchases into old boxes. Besides home goods, food, wine, electronics, entertainment and other products, Costco offers additional services at some locations.

Many locations have gas pumps, some of which are available to the public. Some locations offer basic eye exams and sell frames to members. Warehouses typically have in-house pharmacies, car maintenance services and small delis.

18+ Costco Money Hacks, or, How Costco Pays Me to Be a Member

Frequently, Costco features seasonal goods that rotate in and out of store inventory. Many Costco locations carry holiday decorations in the winter and gardening supplies in the summer. Costco In-store promotions and deals are regular occurrences; the store is known for handing out a number of free food samples on certain days to promote featured products.

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As Costco is a membership club, an active Costco Canada membership is required to shop at Costco stores. First, they take a stroll around and collect some free samples. Then, they head over to the lunch counter for a hot dog and some frozen yogurt. If you save a few bucks on lunch just twice a month it will pay for your membership.

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You could be saving a lot more money. Baby formula is probably the sickest value proposition Costco offers.


It is seriously less than half the price of formula you might purchase at your local grocery store. Kirkland signature brand formula is 46 cents an ounce and the name brand, Enfamil, is 89 cents an ounce. My wife and I are using cloth diapers, but if you are going the disposable diaper route, Costco offers the best value in that arena too. I just purchased a new set of luggage, and the value that Costco provided was incredible. The actual cost of the luggage is super competitive, but on top of that, Costco offers the best guarantee in the land.

Craft beer is my thing. But if you are a wine connoisseur, Costco is the place for you. I had to add these items to my list, because I love them and they make dinner really easy sometimes. The line to fill up at the Costco gas station just wastes too much time. But if you get lucky and the line is lacking, make sure to fill up.

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In some areas of the country you can save almost 30 cents a gallon just by filling up at Costco instead of your local gas station. And if any of these nine items are something you buy regularly elsewhere, you should definitely start considering a Costco membership. Get answers to your money questions delivered to your inbox daily!