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Events like these can help you reach new customers and clients:. Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny will provide a report to all partners to let them know about the wonderful exposure they have received from the program. Each monthly report will include:. Partner with Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny Join the Boston Baby Connection partner program, and become part of our network of excellent parent, newborn and child service providers. Sign-up Today. Boston Baby Connection.

Partnership benefits include: Inclusion in Our Welcome Package Let us tell our clients about your organization. Inclusion on the Boston Baby Connection Local Resources Website Page Your logo, website link and a short description of your product or services are posted on our popular website, www.

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Special Appearances For partners who have a physical location and can benefit from the presence of an expert guest lecturer, Carole can provide a complimentary personal appearance. Events like these can help you reach new customers and clients: Book reading — Carole will provide a personal appearance and read from her current book, The Baby Nurse Bible.

She will also provide complimentary signed copies as product giveaways at the event.

Nanny Training or other classes held at your location. Monthly Reporting Boston Baby Nurse and Nanny will provide a report to all partners to let them know about the wonderful exposure they have received from the program. If you plan on breastfeeding, I highly recommend getting a pump. I paid for mine out of pocket, but now the Affordable Care Act has mandated insurance companies to cover the full cost of breast pumps and usually at least one visit to a lactation consultant.

That is left to the insurance company. The best way to get started is to contact your health insurance provider and talk to them about their breast pump policy. You also want to ask about their policy with lactation consultants who are, in my opinion, invaluable. Regarding the pump, you can buy one on your own, submit it to your insurance for reimbursement, and wait for the check.

You can work with a breast pump supplier and pay zero out of pocket. There are now breast pump suppliers you can work with directly to get your breast pump for free. The supplier fronts the cost of the breast pump and submits the claim to your insurance company on your behalf. Kinda convenient, right? Lucina Care specializes in breast pumps and breastfeeding info.

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They have lots of information on their site and compare the various pumps and which one is best for you. Additionally, you can chat live with an agent on their site if you have questions. To order with them, you fill out an online form and a representative contacts you to complete the order. As I went through their online ordering process, I was eligible for three pumps — an Ameda, a Hygeia, and a Medela. Full disclosure: Lucina Care is a Mama Natural sponsor. The Health and Human Services Department says insurers cannot deny lactation services simply because they lack trained providers in-network; they are obligated to cover one out of network.

An unreasonable delay is also not acceptable.

Cheat Sheet. I am excited to see the law support breastfeeding mamas like us. Did you rely on a breast pump while you were nursing? What brand did you use? Genevieve Howland is a childbirth educator and breastfeeding advocate. A mother of three, graduate of the University of Colorado, and YouTuber with over 75,, views, she helps mothers and moms-to-be lead healthier and more natural lives. I ordered my breast pump to Lucina Care and they have the best customer service.

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The shipping was superb! After ordering I got my pump in 2 days. Hassle free indeed! Plus they are giving free shipping and free replacement kit for every breast pump order! Surprised to not see Aeroflow on here. They are one of the largest and offer the best customer service and choices from what I can tell from the reviews. Just started my process with them and so far, so good!

Nice article, thank you.

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Just wanted to point out that my experience with Lucinacare was not good. Thank you so much for sharing this information. It help narrow down my search a lot. I have been searching, calling and even bought a medela freestyle from target, but found out that it was not covered by insurance. I keep getting different answer from my insurance representative and none of them are useful. After reading your article, I order a medela advance starter right away from byram, now I am waiting for them to respond. Some insurance pump models do not include a cooler tote and other accessories essential to working moms.

That way you get the highest quality pump in the model you and not your insurance company want. The same goes for replacement parts. They are almost never offered by the insurance providers, but are essential to keep your pump running at optimal suction. You should replace valves and filters every weeks. Lactation Connection includes insurance codes on their receipts which will help you when filing for reimbursement on these parts that are covered under the Affordable Care Act.

I called close to their closing time to inquire and spoke with Teresa. She took all my information to verify coverage and said she would have an answer the next day. I promptly received a call the following morning, as promised, and we received our pump in the mail the very next day! They actually specialize in breastpumps. Called my insurance company and doctor.

Need some help, my insurance plan does not cover any breast pumps, due to it being a grandfathered plan. This news was very disappointing to say the least. Does anyone know of any providers or breast pump companies that will send you one for free or at a discounted rate? That would be great if I did not have to add one more thing to my growing list of things I still need, not to mention the cost of a good pump.

I have heard that if you have a prescription for a pump written that insurance may cover that? I have not looked in this avenue yet. Also check eBay.

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Thank you Cc for recommending acelleron. Lucina may have a large selection of pumps but they work with very few insurance companies.

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When do you suggest contacting your insurance company about getting a breast pump? I am currently 17 weeks. Fairly certain that most insurance companies will not provide the pump to you until baby is born. For the time between when your baby is born and when you receive your free pump, you have the option to rent a hospital grade pump through your hospital. Your doctor could help to give you information on this! We do double electric and hospital grades. The brands we carry are Medela, Ameda, Lansinoh and the Freemie.

We can also bill Medicaid. We also have a special on the Medela Messenger Bag. It includes a portable cooler with ice pack and a spare double pumping kit. Check out Markdrugmedicalsupply.